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What to Look for When Hiring Carpet Cleaners in London

If you've never hired carpet cleaners in London before then knowing what to look for when choosing the perfect service can be tricky. Without the benefit of experience it's hard to make an informed decision, so we want to share our expert tips to help make sure you make the best choice and get the best service and value for money possible when hiring a carpet cleaning service in London. So what should you look out for?

Reviews and testimonials

This is one of the most important things to consider when researching a cleaning company in London. As much as you may like the look of a carpet cleaning company's website or be impressed by their rates, this doesn't mean anything unless it is backed up by positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers. The best place to get this from is actually people you know personally, whether that's friends, family or colleagues, but if you can ask people in person you can also interrogate their answers a bit more. The trouble with just reading reviews is that you never get the full story, and in some sneaky cases, the reviews put on a company's website might not be genuine, so be careful, and try to get the information from the horse's mouth where you can. If not then do use reviews online, but just be wary of what you read and use as many resources as you can to find info.

Do they know what they are talking about?

If you are hiring a carpet cleaning service, then you want to make sure that the people you hire actually know what they are talking about. Before contacting your shortlist of companies in London, come up with some questions you'd like to ask (you can find lists of questions to ask quite easily online) and when you speak with each carpet cleaning firm, ask your questions and take note of the answers. If one of two come out with completely different answers to the rest then either they are a far superior service, or these carpet cleaners have no idea what they are talking about (and it's usually the latter).

What range of cleaning services do they offer?

While you might just be after a 'carpet clean' there are actually a range of different ways that this can be achieved, so another thing to consider when speaking to potential carpet cleaning services is the different levels of service they can offer. Do they just offer chemical carpet cleaning? Or steam as well? Do they just do carpets or are they a provider of other cleaning services? This might be important if you decide you'd like to do a more intensive clean in your London home as they may be able to help with it all.

Are they eco-conscious?

It may not be something that immediately comes into your mind when thinking about your priorities when hiring carpet cleaning services, but it's definitely something worth considering. Does the company offer a service which is environmentally friendly? Do they actively promote this fact on their website or adverts? As we say, it may not be a top priority, but it's something that will do everyone a favour if we choose to think about these things.


This is something that will undoubtedly be on the top of your priority list, but before you can decide whether a team of cleaners is 'affordable' or not, you first need to decide what this actually means to you. Do you have a price in mind? And is it really a reasonable price? This might be hard to know if you don't really understand how much a carpet clean costs in general. So this part needs you to think about your own budget and then also compare this to the prices being charged by various services that help with cleaning carpets. Do these two figures match up? If not are you willing to expand your budget to pay for the service, or will you need to hold off until you have the funds? All important things to consider when hiring a carpet cleaning company!


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